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Company Culture, Efficient

Since the establishment of the company has consistently adhered to according to customer demand for product research and development of the fundamental, science and technology industry legislation plant ideas.


Products use fully automated technology more efficient, more durable, time-saving and convenient.


Product energy consumption is lower, but also to maintain the product benchmarking quality.


Product technology standards have become the industry, especially high-tech industry, the commanding heights.


Has received a lot of industry attention to the important qualifications and recognition.


The pursuit of quality professional level, the best service for the customer is innovative and unique
Provide the most cost-effective products and considerate service.

Zhongshan Wharlgiz Lighting is a professional manufacturer and exporter concerning with the design, development and production for LED lightings in residential household environment and shopping centers. All of the products comply with inernational quality sta...

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Meeting customer needs is our only goal and motivation

We offer the best quality, the best service and the fastest response, just to reassure the customers