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Embedded ceiling lamp installation precautions

2018-11-09 15:40:05

Lamps are used everywhere in every part of our life. Among the many types of lamps, ceiling lamps are one of the more common types. There are many types of ceiling lamps depending on the needs of ceiling lamps in each place. The embedded ceiling lamp is one of them. The following is a small series to introduce the installation method and precautions of the embedded ceiling lamp.

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Open a hole in the ceiling installation. You need to install a recessed inset ceiling lights to open a hole for easy installation of the ceiling. Determine the position of the ceiling light, the size of the hole corresponds to the English ceiling area. When installing, first install the installation card on both sides of the fixture. The card will be used to defend the two sides of the fixture and install the fixture inside the square hole or round hole. Connect the power cord, cover the wiring cover and tighten the bolts. The number of bolts should not be less than the number of fixing holes on the base of the lamp. The diameter of the bolt should match the hole diameter. The lamp with no fixed mounting hole on the base (self-installing Punch), each luminaire should be used for fixing no less than three bolts or screws, and the center of gravity of the luminaire should match the center of gravity of the bolt or screw. Put the luminaire and fix it. Double-receive and hold the circlip on both sides of the luminaire into the ceiling opening. The inner circlip is against the ceiling. Press the mask with your hand and push it up slightly.

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Some families use the three plywood after painting to lining the back of the ceiling lamp. In fact, this is very dangerous. Insulation measures must be taken. If the high temperature part of the lamp is close to combustibles, heat insulation or heat dissipation measures should be taken.

The two wires connected to the power supply line of the ceiling lamp should have good electrical contact. They should be wrapped with black rubber tape and kept at a certain distance. If possible, do not put the two wire ends under the same piece of metal to avoid short circuit. , danger occurs. Before installing the ceiling lamp, check the cross section of the wire core leading to each lamp. The copper core wire is not less than 0.75mm2, otherwise the wire must be replaced. The connection between the wire and the lamp cap, the parallel wire connection between the lamp caps should be firm, and the electrical contact should be good, so as to avoid sparking between the wire and the terminal terminal due to poor contact, and danger occurs. Pay attention to safety, educate children not to throw items indoors


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