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How to install the embedded luminaire

2019-03-16 17:17:33

When using lamps for home decoration, the embedded lamps are often used. For example, the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. will use embedded lamps. Because the appearance of the embedded lamps is flat, the lamps will not protrude, so many people like to choose when decorating. Built-in luminaires. Let's take a look at the installation tips and precautions for embedded luminaires.
Installation tips for recessed luminaires:

1. Opening on the ceiling: When designing the ceiling grille, the position of the recessed fixture should be considered. At the ceiling lamp, the grille is made into a hole frame by the outer dimensions of the lamp, and the frame can be used as a mounting connection structure of the lamp or as a closing structure of the roof surface layer. When installing large recessed luminaires, the hole frame of the opening should be reinforced.

2. Connection between hanging ribs and lamps: For large-scale embedded luminaires to be installed on the surface layer of the ceiling, it is necessary to install slings from the structural layer. The hanging ribs can bury the hanging ribs during the construction of the slab, and the position of the reinforced ribs is accurate, but it is difficult to ensure the accurate installation position of the luminaires during construction. In this regard, the grille can be additionally hung in the installation position of the lamp, so that the grille is connected with the hanging rib, and the lower is connected with the support frame on the luminaire, which is safe and ensures accurate position.

3, assembly of embedded lamps: the so-called "assembled embedded lamps" that use ordinary fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, etc. plus grid glass, plexiglass or plastic crystal tablets, etc., assembled into a variety of large-scale lamps.

Embedded luminaire installation notes:



1. The most basic requirement for the installation of embedded luminaires is that they must be secure. The metal casing of the luminaire should be grounded to ensure safe use;
2, the lamp head with switch, for safety, the opening handle should not have exposed metal parts;
3, when the bathroom and the kitchen are equipped with low-footed lamp holders, it is advisable to use a porcelain screw-shaped short-footed lamp head. The wiring and phase line (switching wire) of the screw base should be connected to the center contact terminal, and the neutral wire is connected to the screw terminal.
4. When installing the embedded luminaire, the dark line inside the ceiling or siding must be protected by a flame-retardant casing;
5, when decorating the ceiling to install the embedded luminaire, it should be installed according to the requirements of the installation instructions of the luminaire. When the weight of the luminaire is more than 3kg, the pre-embedded hook or the anchor bolt shall be directly fixed from the roof to fix the pylon. The wire drawn from the lamp box shall be protected by the hose to the lamp position to prevent the wire from being exposed in the flat top;
6. In addition to the careful design of the installation of such lamps, the position of the lamps and the flatness of the decorative glass must be grasped during construction;

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