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What are the requirements for energy-saving solar street lamp maintenance?

2019-04-13 16:52:33

Energy-saving solar street lamps Compared with ordinary street lamps, energy-saving solar street lamps are relatively simple and convenient in terms of design and installation, making their use more acceptable to mass consumers, and its advantages of energy saving and long service life are more It increases the need for people to use it. However, such a good street lamp should also pay attention to its maintenance when it is used normally. What are the requirements for the maintenance of energy-saving solar street lamps?



For the maintenance of solar street lamps, solar panels should be taken as an example. In normal maintenance, the azimuth of the solar panels should be checked; whether there are branches, leaves or other foreign objects directly obscured; whether it is in the shadow area of ​​other objects; , ash accumulation, dirt; whether the monomer has cracks, whether the connection is flat or not is the scope of inspection. The existence of these problems will affect the use of solar energy-saving street lamps.

In the energy-saving solar street lamp use system, lithium battery is the biggest difficulty in maintenance, because the current life of normal lithium battery is 2 to 3 years, and it is necessary to check the charge and discharge of lithium battery frequently during its life cycle. Observe the electrode or wiring for corrosion or poor contact.

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